We must rebuild

I remember when I first graduated from CSUN and I was so gung-ho about getting started in the industry. Bear in mind, the Internet was still a pretty fresh platform. We’re talking 2003 but we had only just moved on from dial-up and ISDN. I was young and ready to get my name out there. I picked up www.justinmillerexperience.com and hit the ground running. I remember titling the site “I am Multimedia” to relay the fact that I was somebody who was into pretty much anything entertainment-related. I remember recording songs, making videos, designing websites and promoting so much of what I made. It wasn’t that I was careless in what I was showing people, it was more like I was fearless.

These days, looking back on how I was, I applaud myself for being so bold. Life happens, and with this comes great things. Not to go into too much detail but in the span of 5 years I had settled into a great job, moved into a condo, moved into a house, met my lovely wife and got married. I also noticed in that same time, I had more or less become a ghost online. I want you to know that I don’t look back and wish I had done anything different. I was aware of the direction my life was headed. It just didn’t allow for recording songs, making videos, or designing websites. I was perfectly fine with that.

One great thing about the Internet is that it has always kept chugging along. Much like time, the Internet stops for no one. Not only that, but there have been so many technological advancements with both software, user experience, and social interaction. It’s a wonderful time to be making your place on the web. This brings me to my point. I was a fearless young go-getter with no real plan other than putting my projects online for the world to see and hoping to just make something of it. Now, as I am in the early stages of my professional career, I see that those dreams are very much attainable. I just need to be smarter in how I go about portraying myself online. I’m re-building my network and Justin Miller Experience deserves to be part of that.

Welcome back to the JME.

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