Skeletonwitch – Blinding Black Rage (A Capella)

I was recently commissioned to record an A Capella version of a metal song. I was pretty inspired by the story behind it: guy has a friend of 18 years with whom he shares the joy of metal music. They always thought it would be funny to have an up-beat, friendly version of a dark and brooding metal song. Enter: JME. The post wasn’t garnering as many responses as I was hoping. Soon, the request would be buried under a stack of new posts and recordings. I decided to jump in and offer my services, as outdated as they may be. I haven’t recorded any sort of harmonic vocal track in years. Well, it turned out better than expected. The client was overjoyed and I had a fun time re-learning the art of harmony. While there are some notes that are off, or a harmony that isn’t perfect, I’m still very proud of my achievement. I hope you enjoy it as well.

JME Version: [soundcloud][/soundcloud]